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What can I expect?

I partner with you in a creative, transformational and results driven process to attain growth. Honoring you as the master of your own life, I will:

  • Help you discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve most in life

  • Encourage self-discovery (we promise light-bulb moments)

  • Collaborate on solutions strategies

  • Hold you responsible and accountable for delivering in a way that others in your life cannot

Our ongoing partnership is designed to produce fulfilling results in all areas of your life. I am trained to listen, observe and customize my approach to your individual needs.

Because the experience is about changing a way of being, you should expect major improvement shifts in all areas of life, regardless of what goals brought you to the process.

What is the time commitment?

Private sessions:

The typical private coach/client relationship lasts 3 to 6 months.

The first session is two hours. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour and occur weekly throughout the term of the agreement.

You will have unlimited email access to address breakthroughs and blocks that occur between the sessions. Expect to have “homework” intended to empower you to deliver on your vision of transformation.

On Path workshops:

On Path Group Workshops are designed to last 6 weeks. Workshops include 6 live weekly group sessions with Q&A, action plans, and 6 month access to private membership area. There will often be video lessons between sessions. Expect to hear from guest facilitators and speakers as well.

Each group member will have unlimited email access to address breakthroughs and blocks that occur outside of the sessions. “Homework” will be assigned with the intention of empowering you to deliver on your vision for transformation. There will also be smaller peer group assignments for collaborative learning.

How can I afford coaching?

Many people feel they can’t afford personal/professional coaching. When reviewing pricing details, ask yourself what you’d be missing if you don’t get a coach. What isn’t working in your life right now? What are you settling for? How might your life change if your inner obstacles were no longer in the way? If we connect and I’m not the right coach for you, I am happy to help you identify someone else.

How is success measured?

Both external performance and internal indicators of success happen as your transformation takes place. Many people feel that shift begin in the first session.

An example of external success may include achievement of the goals established at the outset of the coaching relationship; increased income/revenue; obtaining a promotion; improved performance feedback from professional contacts; better relationships with friends & family; External measures are generally things you are already measuring and have some ability to influence or fully change.

Internal success is measured through assessments administered initially and at regular intervals in the coaching process. You will experience changes in self-awareness and awareness of others, shifts in thinking, expanded leadership and more. Resulting in better outcomes, and growth in your ability to inspire confidence and clarity in all areas of your life.

What if I’m unhappy?

Change is hard work. If you find yourself unhappy, or not quite ready to make the changes we’ve been working on, I will immediately address it. Typically, I require advance payment for monthly fees at the beginning of the cycle. If, in an unusual situation, you choose to cancel, I require 14-day advance notice. I will then prorate your refund based on where we are in the current term and release you from our agreement.