It’s so wonderful to meet you!


On a more personal note, I’m so happy you’re here! We all want someone to believe in us. I want the chance to be that person for you!

I’m an entrepreneur, wife & mother. Born and raised in NYC, I grew up when it was edgy and dangerous. I LOVED IT! I started out in the music business as an entrepreneur and eventually went in house. Life has taken me all around the world to the greatest heights, most lavish parties, front rows at award shows, video sets, photo shoots and more. Throughout, my mission was believing in the artists I worked with and using my creativity to help them make their dreams come true. I’ve always loved being the ninja they could call on when they needed to make things happen.

Taking that vision of myself and staying true to my mission, I created Persist in JOY, where I can be dedicated to using my unique gifts and training to radically change your being and be that ninja who helps you make it happen!

When I’m not working, I go deep into my love of cooking, refinishing furniture and, expanding my mind by reading and talking to interesting people. I also love to hang with our energetic rescue pup and torture my family by turning up the heat, constantly moving their stuff and turning off lights and televisions every time they leave a room for more than 60 seconds.