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This is my Joy.

This is my Joy.

My name is Lisa Cambridge-Mitchell. I help professionals going through frustrating change or transition, shape a new plan so that they can once again feel confident in their choices and ability to live the life they want.

Imagine your limitless personal and professional potential if you broke through obstacles currently holding you back.  You would ignite your passion for life, spark your career, inspire others and live with extraordinary joy.  It’s within your reach to have the amazing life you dream of. I want to be your partner in making it happen.

It is an absolute joy and blessing to leverage the path I have forged and help others find their way.  After an accomplished and rewarding career as a music business executive, I was let go in a restructuring.  I looked forward to taking some much-needed time off.  A 20+ year career as a senior executive in the music business is rare.  Having been through multiple mergers, I was more than prepared to face my future with optimism, creativity and enthusiasm.  I saw incredible opportunity in the transition. I planned to take a year off to rejuvenate and plan my next steps.   I was already wanting change. The layoff was a blessing that sparked me to focus on my long abandoned entrepreneurial vision of helping others. I was hopeful and excited. I started thinking about the concept that would eventually become Persist in Joy.

A few weeks before I ended up in the hospital, I cut off all my hair. I couldn’t open my hands wide enough to make a ponytail. No one knew. They just loved the new “do.”

A few weeks before I ended up in the hospital, I cut off all my hair. I couldn’t open my hands wide enough to make a ponytail. No one knew. They just loved the new “do.”

the wolf at my door

Within six months something went seriously wrong.  Why was I so tired?  Why was I getting weaker with each passing day? I could barely get out of bed.  After some twists and turns, I was diagnosed with the chronic illness, Lupus; an autoimmune disease named for the latin word meaning wolf. Eventually, an amazing specialist provided a treatment plan and answers to my buckets of Google generated questions.  However, before I found my miracle doctor, I was offered a huge opportunity.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, I accepted a new position before I had a fully formed vision for what I wanted to do next.  Simply put, driven by fear, I decided to ignore my health, abandon my newly minted goals, and get back in the comfort zone of my familiar saddle.  I thought the new position would put me back on track to being the fiercely competitive c-suite executive and overachieving wife & mother I had been for so long.  I was mistaken. My body had a different plan.  Within 12 weeks of beginning a position for which I felt I’d prepared my entire career, I headed to the emergency room with chest pains.  I was admitted to the hospital and felt I had to resign a few days later.  I led my resignation with the single most difficult sentence of my career,  “I am not in a position to meet my own high standards or yours.”  I was broken.

Superstars & Greatness

I built my career by helping artists tap into their greatness. I relentlessly forged a unique path through the top tiers of the entertainment business by making other peoples dreams come true.  I achieved massive success and traveled the world working with top tier artists and executives.  As a marketing head, I led artist development; worked 14 hour days building teams, while formulating and commanding multi-million dollar marketing strategies for artists including TLC, P!NK, Usher, OutKast, Ciara, Snoop Dogg, Luke Christopher, Miguel, G-Eazy, Tinashe and many more.  In addition, I always wanted a family and worked to build a beautiful life with a great guy.  Together we cultivated a loving extended family.  This took no small commitment. To think that my “new normal” meant I could no longer achieve at my own high standards was a debilitating blow.  

Leading the artist development for an artist meant helping them channel their talent, and collaborating with a team of exceptionally accomplished creative people to provide every possible tool & opportunity to develop into a superstar.  Although I had many other responsibilities, that part of my career spoke to me the most.  I loved the experience of watching artists walk through the door with nothing but a seed of a dream and blossom into their own greatness.  I pushed executives toward their greatness with equal gusto. 


A few great memories.

A few great memories.

I’ve always tried to empower others with my knowledge.    Panelist @ Revolt Music Conference, 2015

I’ve always tried to empower others with my knowledge.

Panelist @ Revolt Music Conference, 2015

My superhero pivot

Throughout my career, I was identified as a high achieving executive and exposed to many career development opportunities. I traveled the world for leadership programs. I learned early on, that for me, success in the music business was never about the accolades, award shows or celebrity access.  It was about the hard work of understanding another person's vision on a granular level and helping them build out their dreams. That was my superstar journey. Affecting lives for the better was at the heart of what brought me fulfillment in my career.  When I began to re-work my life vision, those experiences repeatedly surfaced. They drove me to more professional & personal development training and ultimately became the motivation behind creating PERSIST IN JOY.   I love helping people walk toward their own greatness and live successful lives.  THAT is what drove me throughout my career working with superstars and THAT is what I have turned my full attention to as an entrepreneur.  Together, we will reveal your broader life vision, create actionable pathways to your success, identify and break through the beliefs holding you back and gleefully celebrate as you succeed in making your vision become your every day life.  I know it sounds simple, and on some levels it is. Living in your purpose brings JOY, simplicity and fulfillment.