ON PATH One-On-One.

A focused 6 step plan for transformation


Making simple changes in your life to meet specific goals can be amazing in the short term. Your enthusiasm and energy run high as you meet each accomplishment. Unfortunately, over time, your inner thoughts plant seeds of doubt and eat away at your ability to sustain results or repeat the process.

Transformation from “inside,” reveals the root of your blocks to sustained happiness and success. Find out what’s at the core of your inner obstacles. Learn how to recognize the blocks and move past them. THIS is the best path to:

  • Clarifying how to create and maintain a happy life

  • Creating solutions and develop new problem solving approaches

  • Awareness and understanding of how and why you think, feel, and act particular ways

  • Performing better, and getting greater results with less effort

  • Reducing or even eliminating stress

  • Setting the stage for transforming your life into the vision you’ve always wanted


6 Steps Process to

Walking Into Your Greatness.

  • Deep Dive Into Your Current Realities

    • Professional and Personal Satisfaction

    • Patterns That Betray You

    • False Narratives You Are Holding On To

    • Leadership Skills

    • Current Mindset

  • Value System

    • Identifying Your Priorities

    • Life Within Your Value System

    • Intuitive Thinking

    • The Role of Fear in Your Choices

  • Vision

    • What You Want

    • Creating a Detailed Vision

    • Aligning Your Values with Your Vision

    • Eliminating Fear

  • Blueprint

    • Creating a Framework to Your Vision

    • Goal Setting

  • Action Plan

    • Detailed Action Plan with Timeline

    • Measurable and Focused Action Items

  • Accountability

    • Keeping You On Track

    • Unlimited Email Access

    • Feedback

    • Strategies for Follow Through