Lisa Cambridge-Mitchell: Persist in Joy
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While getting dressed for work do you wonder,

“Is this it?”

I certainly have.

Do you vent to people you trust, but still feel stressed, confused, and maybe a little paralyzed?

I’ve been there too.

Creative-minded professionals see a world full of opportunity, but sometimes find it difficult to reach for the success they want.

I think of Lisa as my life coach version of Marie Kondo (“Tidying Up”). In my sessions with her she’s provided me with tools I need to clear up some of the mind clutter and confusion that’s been holding me back from accomplishing what I want to do personally and professionally.
— Wendy W. Marketing Executive & Entrepreneur
Working with Lisa was transformational. She taught me how to get out of my own way, and focus on what I wanted to do with my career. The results are immediate, because Lisa’s focus is geared to my needs and giving me the tools to find success!
— Walid A., Entrepreneur & Creative Director
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Boldly Walk Into Your Greatness.

You are respected for your passion, hard work, dedication, and drive. Despite that, few people know about the frustrations tugging at your soul. 

Lately, that tug is harder to ignore.

What if, instead of feeling frustrated, guilty, and unhappy, you woke up each day with clarity, a renewed sense of purpose, and greater success?

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What is YOUR vision for your best life and how do you get there? It’s unlikely you’ll reach your goals without knowing what you want. Partner with me to re-work how you define success, and create a clear plan getting you back on track for the fulfilling and purposeful life you want.

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Simply put, life IS perpetual change. Careers transition, relationships run their course, family dynamics evolve, and the list goes on. Choosing how we experience it is where the opportunity lies. Imagine enthusiastically embracing change! How amazing would it be to bravely face that big hairy monster called “change” and discover the opportunity ahead? How much better prepared could you be for blindsiding, life events? What if your entire perception of change shifted and you opened yourself up to uncharted pathways to happiness?

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Given the chance, how would you reimagine your work/life balance? Consider, for a moment, removing the limitations of balance and instead reaching for a full life, where your goals, passions, and responsibilities are aligned in harmony rather than competition. You don’t have to feel guilty or conflicted about wanting a killer career AND a great personal life. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed.

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We each have personal definitions of success. Success feels more elusive for some than it does for others but success doesn’t quiet that little voice holding you back. Reveal and conquer the limiting beliefs you have. Quiet that voice planting seeds of insecurity and doubt. Create success, deepen relationships, and make stronger connections to fully embrace the JOYS in your life!



Impacting Lives.

Throughout my career, I was identified as a high achieving executive and exposed to many exclusive development opportunities.

I decided early on that success in the music business wasn’t about the accolades, award shows or celebrity access. It was about the reward of supporting the brilliance of a creative talent to help build their dreams of superstardom.

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